Viola Beach’s album to be released on vinyl

Feb 10, 2022 | News

In commemoration of Viola Beach’s self-titled debut album, and its subsequent ascent to the top of the UK Album Charts, fans can now purchase a copy of the posthumous album. Buy Now

The River Reeves Foundation will be using River’s portion of the vinyl sales revenue to support one of the most exciting new music projects to be launched, ever! – RNCM Young Artists

The vinyl has been released via Fuller Bean Records, the label set up by the band and their manager. The LP is specially designed with a rainbow coloured picture disc, paying homage to the rainbow umbrellas that the band were once photographed with and became symbolic of them in the wake of their tragic accident in 2016. This poignant vinyl edition release has been welcomed by the families as a fitting celebration of what the bandmates and their manager did best together, make and perform wonderful music.

“River Reeves’ family both in Penzance and Warrington would like to thank all at SJM and Communion Records who have made this special re-release possible. Our most precious memories are of River making music and performing. We want the world to know that through the music, River along with his bandmates and manager will continue to live on in all our lives. Let’s get it back up the charts where it belongs!”

Ben & Sharon Dunne River’s Dad and Step mum Co/founders of
River Reeves Foundation


RNCM Young Artists

RNCM Young Artists is a new programme of training and support for young pop musicians aged 11-18 from the North West. Launching in September 2022, it will support new music talent across the region, give young people life-changing opportunities to achieve their potential, and make inspiring music training from the very best artists accessible to all.

Designed and delivered by the RNCM’s world-renowned Popular Music Department, RNCM Young Artists will offer year-round weekly sessions focused on composition, production and performance, led by the RNCM pop music faculty and RNCM student mentors from the College’s undergraduate and postgraduate pop courses. With full access to the RNCM’s brand new Band Rooms – fully equipped, state-of-the-art recording and producing studios situated in the RNCM’s central Manchester campus – the young people will work in bands, creating, recording and distributing original music and sharing their work in informal, friendly gigs and showcases.

RNCM are determined to reach and support young people from all backgrounds and will work with partners in our local communities to grow a diverse and creative community of musicians, with financial support in place for the young people where needed.

RNCM Principal, Professor Linda Merrick, said:
“This is a hugely exciting new programme which will support and inspire brilliant musicians, song writers and producers – the next generation of the region’s music creators. We cannot wait to work with these young people and help them to take the next steps on their musical journey. We know there is incredible talent right on our doorstep and RNCM Young Artists will provide the very best training, mentorship and music-making opportunities to help them achieve their dreams”.

Who is RNCM Young Artists for?

The programme is open to all – bass guitar, drums, guitar, keyboards, vocals, pop-focused orchestral players, DJs, MCs and producers – and above all aims to work with young musicians with ideas, talent and drive. No specific qualifications will be required and young people will be referred from schools, music hubs, grassroots community projects and music groups. They might have received previous tuition or coaching, or be self- taught ‘bedroom musicians’, accessing structured training for the first time. Whatever the participants’ prior experience, potential, commitment and creativity are the most important factors.

The River Reeves Foundation is looking to support the RNCM’s ambition of offering full-fee bursaries for up to 50% of the young people on the RNCM Young Artists programme. These will be aimed at young people whose financial circumstances have prevented them from accessing music training. Travel and tech bursaries will be available to ensure the costs of transport and equipment don’t prevent participation. RNCM plans to work closely with the young people’s schools and networks to create a supportive framework for their music-making. Alongside transformational music training and experiences, the project will increase the young people’s confidence and open up pathways for education and development that would otherwise be out of reach.


Following a pilot in the spring, RNCM Young Artists will launch in full in September 2022. Every Saturday during term-time, RNCM will run a full day of creative sessions, each catering for a different age group. The young people will be divided into bands and will work with RNCM tutors and RNCM student mentors. They will write and workshop original music, rehearse together and share new material – in person and digitally. The young people will work alongside bands from the RNCM pop music course, meet like-minds and thrive in a supportive, inspiring environment where they can explore and test new creative work. In the long-term, we will establish collaborative projects with the Junior RNCM, creating opportunities for our young classical musicians to perform and compose alongside their pop peers. Above all, RNCM plan to be flexible and responsive, and create a programme for Young Artists that is inspiring, nurturing and fun.

For the first time, RNCM are developing a Young Artists programme, bringing the outstanding training opportunities from our degree programmes to emerging young artists across the region.

How else can you support? Mont Blanc Challenge

The Tour du Mont-Blanc (TMB) Cyclo is a benchmark among ultra-cycling events. It is a 330km sportive that sees riders climb over 8000m, the height of Everest, and pass through three countries across the “roof of Europe”…all in the same day! It is undoubtedly the ultimate one-day sportive challenge. A small group of Riv’s Riders will be taking on this monumental challenge to raise money for the River Reeves Foundation.

In 2022, River’s Dad, Ben Dunne and 5 close friends, Neil Rigby, Paul Jefferson, Sam Middleton, Chris Loxley and Dave Wooster will be taking on this mammoth challenge to raise funds
and support the launch of RNCM Young Artists.

River achieved so much in his short, beautiful life and the Riv’s Riders Team are determined to turn tragedy into triumph, so that our memories of his lovely smile, humour and easy charm can be channelled into helping young people with the artistic passion River had.

Riv’s Riders are looking for sponsorship support to help us reach our target of £50,000. Thank you for helping us create alternate futures in celebration of River’s wonderful life x For further details on any of the above please contact: Ben Dunne from the River Reeves Foundation
07843 286745

Fundraiser by Sharon Dunne: Mont Blanc Challenge 2022 (