Here at the River Reeves Foundation we award bursaries and grants to support emerging young talent from disadvantaged backgrounds, underrepresented communities or those with personal circumstances that might prevent them succeeding along their chosen creative pathway.

In River’s name and holding true to everything he stood for, we are passionate about young people backing themselves and their talent and daring to dream about careers within the music, performing and creative industries.

We seek to create ‘alternate futures’ irrespective of who someone is, where they live or what they’re going through. Watch our videos.

How we started

Chris Martin and the band Coldplay sowed the seed for our charity’s creation imploring the world to create Viola Beach’s ‘alternate future’ when they paid tribute to Viola Beach at Glastonbury in 2016.

As River’s family watched on, it struck all of us that despite all that had happened, for a brief moment the world paused and in front of 120,000 people, eight musicians performed together.

The biggest band on the planet paid tribute to the band whose dreams had been ended so cruelly. Find out more.


How you can help

The RRFoundation is looking to award over 50 bursaries this year. If you would like to make a donation, and like Seagoth, help us create many more ‘alternate futures’. Click to donate.