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There are THREE types of funding provided by the River Reeves Foundation

1. An individual BURSARY linked to costs relating to education, at either Primary, Secondary, Further or Higher Education within the creative or performing arts sectors. Bursaries are means-tested and will require you to provide a reference from an educational establishment and signed off by either the school leader, college lecturer or relevant university tutor.

2. An Individual SCHOLARSHIP awarded in recognition of gifted and talented young artists to fund a particular project, piece of equipment or other costs related to furthering your ambition of a career in the arts. A reference from a recognised school, college, higher institution or community group will be required.

3. GROUP and COMMUNITY GRANTS Grants and funding contributions for community groups and arts organisations linked to the associated costs of events or arts-related projects which will benefit the wider community, a targeted group of individuals or the interests of a collective of young artists, performers, musicians or other arts related discipline. A reference from either trustees, director or manager of a recognised organisation will be required.

Decisions on funding applications are made by a board of Charity Trustees. The current deadline for applications is midnight on Friday 27th August 2021 (Summer Window). Trustees endeavour to make a decision within 6 weeks of the end of an application Window (Friday 8th October) and applicants will be notified by e-mail within 14-days (28th October 2021)

The maximum amount you can apply for is £500 for a BURSARY or SCHOLARSHIP and £1000 for GROUP and COMMUNITY AWARDS. These are the maximum amounts. You do not have to apply for the full amount to be considered for funding.

You must be 25 or under to apply for individual funding from the River Reeves Foundation and you must have a permanent home address, or study within a WA postcode (Warrington and surrounding areas). For GROUP and COMMUNITY GRANTS your project must be aimed at individuals under 25 or the Group/Organisation applying must consist of members who are 25 and under.

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